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Per Se Caviar

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Per Sé caviar has been designed using traditional Iranian methods and as its name indicates has its very own personality. Without a doubt it is our most complex product, full of character for expert palates looking for each and every sensation of genuine Iranian caviar. It is produced using the traditional methods and for that reason it really highlights the genuine quality of caviar from the Acipenser naccarii. These eggs offer a delicate texture in your mouth with very long flavours of walnut and cream… The maturing process is prepared in original tins for between 3 and 6 months. During this time, the caviar passes through a wide range of flavours. Per Sé is excellent caviar that lets you experience the original world of Iranian caviar. “Per Sé is available in two egg sizes, Per Sé Black & Per Sé Gold, the most exclusive being Gold with a larger size egg.” The processes and recipes developed in our laboratories throughout spring and autumn, the natural seasons for caviar producing, allows us to offer you caviar carefully produced specifically to your requirements. It is extracted at its optimum maturity and has an almost perfect egg. To achieve this, each female is carefully selected using ultrasound and biopsies. The care dedicated to a female sturgeon for 16 years becomes a reality in that very moment. With this unique raw organic material, PSN are able to design caviar. Russian and Iranian experts have worked with us in the rebirth of this delicacy meaning we can offer you elegant and complex flavours today. The delicate salting process of our own caviar processes allow very complete expressions of its fine and long lasting flavours on the palate. The taste and size of the caviar enrich the tasting experience with the colours ranging from light grey to dark grey, through to brownish grey. These characteristics and its genetic similarity liken the naccarii caviar to the almost extinct Oscietra (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii).

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